The aim and objectives of the Interfaith Cooperation Forum were established by the working committee and the ICF organizers, CCA and APAY. All activities and projects fit within the ideology of the ICF


ICF pledges to support an Asian movement for justice and transformation which:

  • is inter-religious in nature,
  • is regional in scope,
  • focuses on marginalized communities,
  • confronts the roots of violence,
  • and promotes justice in the economic, political and social spheres.


  1. Interfaith Networking:
    Build up a regional network of individuals and groups from different religions who are committed to working in an interfaith movement for justice and peace.
  2. Interfaith Information:
    Systematically collect and organize information for use in regional interfaith justpeace actions.
  3. Interfaith Activities for Justpeace:
    We will create regional activities that can effectively deal with these root causes of conflict and injustice in ways that are sensitive to gender, ethnicity, age, religious belief and social inequalities.
  4. Regular Interfaith Cooperation:
    ICF will create regular programs in which regional interfaith activities will take place on a common day and focused on justice issues.


The Interfaith Cooperation Forum is based on an ideology of non-violence and interfaith justpeace. To read the full document on ICF’s vision and ideology, click here