ICF Program Committee Met in Chiangmai, Thailand

The Interfaith Cooperation Forum’s Program Committee held its meeting on March 15-17, 2019 at YMCA International Hotel in Chiangmai. This Committee is a forum of ICF alumni, peace activists, experts on inter-faith issues. Being an interfaith forum, the Committee is composed of members coming from different faith traditions, with consideration of gender balance.

One of the important agenda for the Committee meeting was the Term of Reference that serves as a guideline for the responsibilities and term of office of the Committee members. This includes the policy that each member will serve for two years only. In other words, the turnover will be staggered. This means, each year, two members will step down, and two new members will be appointed by the APAY General Secretary upon the recommendation of the ICF Coordinator, to serve another two years. The Program Committee will have a maximum of nine (9) members “representing the countries where the ICF Alumni community exists, not necessarily from the National Forums.” Moreover, the Committee meets at least once a year to evaluate the programs of the past year and help plan for the succeeding years.

During the meeting, General Secretary Nam Boo Won gave the greetings on behalf of APAY. Executive Secretary Duncan Chowdhury gave the orientation on the work of APAY and led the discussion on the Program Committee’s Term of Reference. Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro presented the work of ICF and facilitated the setting of hosting schedules for ICF activities such as the thematic workshops, Peace Institute and School of Peace. She also led the discussion on the role of the ICF Alumni and national forums in the forthcoming External Evaluation of ICF for its program implementation within the period from 2014 to 2019. Some members, namely, Biplo Rangsa, Shreeram Chaudhary and Tirmizy Abdullah presented some updates and challenges faced by their respective national forums. The members of the Committee took turns in leading the morning meditations and closing rites, in serving as moderators, and in team building activities.

At present, the appointed members of the Planning Committee are Tirmizy Abdullah (Philippines), Sheeram Chaudhary (Nepal), Biblop Rangsa (Bangladesh), Ranny Rith (Cambodia), Rina Yannike Krebru (Indonesia), and Sirikanya Chaiwongkeaw (Thailand).

Muriel Montenegro

ICF Coordinator


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